Cylinder Testing

Dive 90 is approved to inspect cylinders by the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST).

Cylinder inspection and testing is carried out in accordance with BS EN 1968 (steel cylinders), BS EN 1802 (aluminium cylinders) and BS EN ISO 11623 (composite cylinders).

Tanks for diving must be tested visually every 2.5 years and hydrostatically every 5 years. Tanks for surface use, for example air rifles, require a test every 5 years.

Service Price
Visual test & valve service £32.00
Hydro test & valve service £40.00
O2 clean with cylinder test £12.50
Eddy current test (aluminium cylinders) £20.00
O2 cleaning £25.00
Internal shot blasting £20.00
Manifold servicing £8.00
External painting POA
Tank failure £10.00
Twin set assembly £15.00
Call 01242 680003 for more details