Equipment Servicing and Other Services


Over the past 20 years we have established a reputation for providing high-quality servicing of dive equipment. Our fully trained technicians carry out servicing to the specifications of the leading manufacturers, including Oceanic, Aqua Lung, Apeks, Mares, Cressi, Tusa, Suunto and Uwatec, using genuine spare parts.

Our technicians keep up to date by attending the manufacturers’ servicing courses and are qualified to service the entire range of diving equipment, including regulators, BCDs, computers and dry suits.

Air and Nitrox Fills

We recently installed a state-of-the-art compressor and nitrox-blending unit, which enables us to fill mixes of up to 40% directly to the cylinder, while mixes of between 40% and 99% are achieved through partial pressure blending. This, together with our ability to store large quantities of double-filtered air to 350 bar, means we can offer our customers a faster and more reliable service.

Equipment Hire

We have a wide range of diving equipment and suits available to hire.



up to 7 L
up to 15 L
EAN 32
EAN 36
EAN 40
EAN 50
EAN 80
100% O2
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